Visual tools to expand your ministry.

You are a church that cares deeply. You are a ministry that understands the power of a beautiful presentation for people to relate to as they experience your message, to remember & to connect with.

• You are tired of seeing the same graphics that feel cheesy, or stale.

• You spend too much time looking for graphics that are inline with current trends.

• Pulling together a cohesive theme for your sermon, church events, bible studies & more leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

Here is where I felt the call to rise to a challenge.

Faith ministry design story

I'm Amie. Owner of Brightly Branded. I design cohesive, strong brands & partner with you as your personal point of contact for ongoing marketing and graphic design needs for those who don't have an on-staff designer.
Now, I'm looking to become a visual resource to you as you grow your ministry.

What I'm working to launch:

I am actively booking Ministry Branding & Design projects.

In addition, I am going to be releasing ministry design themes, and the first theme will be FREE!
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