Case Study

How I increased website visitors from Schwinn's social media feed by 238%

An indoor cycling bike brand, Schwinn, was facing challenges in growing their Instagram profile and reaching their target audience. I was given the challenge to define the content strategy, manage, and increase the performance of their Instagram profile with only organic reach as this brand has no ad spend budget.


• Increase the number of followers
• Increase profile visits
• Improve brand awareness through visually appealing content
• Increase website visits
• Raise awareness for the fitness app JRNY


• Art Direct new photography for images that properly reflect new brand positioning research
• Implemented brand photography
• Create a content calendar to ensure consistent and visually appealing posts that align with the brand’s identity
• Engage with Followers by actively responding to comments and messages in a timely manner
• Utilize Instagram Stories with UGC content and feature in both feed and story more often and more prominently
• Begin to create Reels featuring JRNY content
• Create new Art Direction for feed design and brand reflective of the target market

in a 90 day period

• The visually appealing and consistent content helped to improve brand awareness
• A dramatic increase in link clicks from profile page: 238%
• Profile visits increased 49.8%
• Increased Followers: 541
• The JRNY content featured appeared across the board in all top posts captured.All top performing posts in this time period included all new strategy and art direction.


The implementation of a comprehensive and strategic approach helped Schwinn  to achieve their objectives and increase their Instagram performance. The results showed a significant improvement in profile visits, link clicks, followers, and brand awareness, which will help the brand to reach their target audience and drive sales.


Optimize Profile: Update the Instagram profile by updating the profile picture and bio to accurately reflect the brand.Research and use Hashtags: The team will research and include relevant hashtags in each post to increase visibility and reach a larger audience.
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