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I’m Amie Baker, business owner for
nearly 10 years and your behind-the-scenes
partner at Brightly Branded.

When you’re busy growing your business, but your branding elements don’t represent the level you’re achieving, that’s where Brightly Branded comes in.
I work closely to build the cohesive identity, logo, and branding package you need, and then stay on as your

single point of contact for ongoing marketing and graphic design needs. Impeccable presentations, ad campaigns, multi-channel marketing—growing your business requires many elements. Brightly Branded becomes your one, trusted solution.

A little more about me? Do you remember when you were in High School and all of a sudden, you were required to know what you would be when you grew up? I always knew my answer. I held a vision that I would be a Graphic Designer & in my mind back then, I thought it would be such a dream to have a business of my own. That vision held strong and came to life. I can look back now and see just how powerful mindset is. My clients now prove that same thing to me over and over in their own journey.

The random shares that make life interesting: 
• I live in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, the PNW!
• Glamping anyone? Love our tiny home on wheels adventures!
• Give me all the frosting. Cream cheese frosting is best.
• Mama to 2 + a Chocolate Lab


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