Campaign Development and Design for Mothers Day Digital Campaign
Email Design
+ Digital Design
I'm an experienced e-commerce email designer who creates visually engaging and persuasive designs to drive business goals. I focus on hierarchy of information, typography, and brand application to ensure cohesive brand aesthetics. I ensure alignment across all teams and stakeholders involved in facilitating and managing email deployment. Also, I love to incorporate motion in emails when it complements the message.

I find ways to develop and push the brand while remaining true to the core assets. I am especially mindful to considering what emails the recipient has seen and what other brand exposure they may have to help make conscious design decisions.
Email & App
The JRNY App is a hopeful competitor to Peleton and offers a wide variety of features and uses. Condensing a large demand of content and new concepts the app needs to translate to consumers.

A bit of motion to draw the eye followed by an engaging photograph fully demonstrating a new feature offer complimented by clear copy and call to action.

Art Direction • Photography • Motion Design • Email • Dark Mode with mobile and desktop
directional explorations
Organizing the content in a way that helps the viewer understand how to quickly absorb it as well as find the product that interests them is key.

I create fresh designs to support promotions, seasons and holidays. Evoking emotions through carefully curated photography and creative.

Art Direction • Photography • Email • Dark Mode with mobile and desktop
directional explorations
Promotional email design featuring a product sale using existing assets and providing a fresh creative direction.

Art Direction • Mobile and desktop
Email design for product sale promotion
This July Fourth promotional campaign includes a variety of digital marketing elements, including email design, Facebook ads, Narvar image assets, and ad frames.

This promotion uses a list that had been receiving many emails at a higher than usual cadence due to ad spend budget being drastically reduced causing less new leads populating making it especially important for this email to look different than others  to help conversion.

Art Direction • Photography • Email • Dark Mode with mobile and desktop
digital campaign design
New product launch and new brand positioning is lifted in a fresh direction.

Art Direction • Photography • Design • Social Media Strategy • Social Media Management
digital campaign design
+ Apps
Creating a site from nothing or jumping from something, I have created a wide variety of websites from micro sites, to on-going maintenance of large corporate sites. Each having its own unique needs, requirements and branding to balance.

Managing frequent updates to PDP's, PLP's, promotional pages, and sale pages- I understand the teamwork and rhythms needed to support an ever-changing website.

Participating in user-research sessions to evaluate designs and understand user intuitions helping to validate designs and help uncover solutions for optimal conversion and navigation.
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