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Collaboration Made Easy: My Favorite Tools for Working Together

Emphasizing simplicity and user experience, I'm sharing several favorite online collaboration tools that have facilitated seamless remote teamwork. These tools promote effective communication, streamlined creative processes, and increased inclusivity for remote teams.

I've been a remote worker for over 10 years and I love exploring the new tools and options available to us and teams as we all adapt and grow in this movement. I am also pretty good at avoiding the new shiny things in favor of simplicity and a good user experience. Though, I'm always open to trying them and testing them, making an actual switch has to be a high value reason. I want to be sure platforms are easy to learn for my clients, creative teams and myself.

Collaboration is a great way to tap into everyone's unique skills and come up with something truly amazing.

Here are some of my favorite collaboration tools that have made working with others remotely- easy! I could even argue these tools promote far more voices to be heard and seen than my previous life of in-house design teams.


Figjam is a feature within the Figma design platform that allows teams to collaborate on brainstorming, ideation, and feedback in real-time. It provides a virtual space where team members can collaborate on projects and share their ideas using sticky notes, drawings, and diagrams. Figjam is designed to improve communication, streamline the creative process, and help teams work more efficiently.

It is a great tool for remote teams or those working in different time zones, as it enables collaboration and brainstorming regardless of physical location.


Miro is an online whiteboard platform for real-time collaboration, enabling teams to share ideas and feedback visually. It's versatile and integrates with many other tools, making it a great option for remote teams.

Google Drive

Google Drive collaboration allows multiple users to work on the same document or file in real-time, enabling simultaneous editing, commenting, and change tracking. It's an easy way to distribute brand assets or access them easily as well.


Loom is a video communication platform that allows teams to create and share videos for collaboration. It enables screen recording, webcam capture, and voiceovers, and integrates with other tools such as Google Drive and Slack. Loom facilitates communication, feedback, and knowledge sharing in an engaging way.


This is a project management tool with a super easy interface. This is a great one for someone brand new to these tools and needing a specific use or a repeating use. It is actually my favorite because it has such a strong and simple ability to organize communication for all types of communicators.


This is a power house for organizing larger teams, larger or multiple projects and offers many built in features to use, customize and adapt to your team's needs. This is also a favorite of mine but has to be for the right use, otherwise it risks being an overwhelming user experience.

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