Holiday 2016


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Where are all of my Holiday loving businesses at?! My favorite time of the year has arrived for special design projects focusing on my love for Christmas design.

Join the many businesses planning right now for their holiday marketing and taking steps forward to get things prepped and ready to hit the ground running when you first start smelling pumpkin spice every day.

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Take Advantage of EDDM :: Real Estate

Your marketing efforts should be a mix of different avenues that all work to bring your business attention and most importantly, new clients. It is easy to jump into the things everyone does like social media, business groups and ads. What about the road less traveled? Consider how experimenting with other strategies can help you stand out, especially when there isn’t nearly as much competition. I’m talking about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the USPS. This service is especially useful for real estate agents for picking up new markets and listings.

If this is making you feel overwhelmed, hang in there with me. It is not nearly as hard as you imagine to get into the mailboxes you want to land. You can literally circle a neighborhood, a radius around a specific landmark, or even a specific route and your mailing can be scheduled for delivery. With the help of a designer, you can get your postcard ready and be hooked up with a mail house and printer and the smooth process will take over from there.

What kind of marketing strategies can I use for EDDM?

“Just Sold”

You can announce your recently sold listing to the neighborhood with the intentions to raise your brand’s awareness and capture the eye of someone else considering to get their home on the market.

Inventory Announcement

With the focus on your brand here, show your current area listings with beautiful photos and exceptional design. Think of this as plating seeds for future clients and listings.


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Updating Your Website

Check in with your website

Every August, I schedule (make myself) time to evaluate my website and either make big updates or re-design as necessary. Last year I did a re-design and I’ve decided to re-design my website again this year. Before you get scared off regarding my frequency, remember I am a designer and it is a part of my business offerings and skill set. This doesn’t mean you should be doing this yearly. You SHOULD be updating images, copy, pricing, links, ect. monthly though. This will keep your site fresh and up to date.

There are 2 routes you can go for a new website or a re-design. Completely custom or through the use of a template followed by customizing it. I used to design completely custom sites for my business but with the increase of beautiful templates available, it just didn’t make any business sense to me anymore. If I am able to shave off 40% of the work in order to reach my goal faster and more timely than it should be an option to consider. The price of the template is pennies compared to the amount of time (money) I would spend designing and a completely custom site to the same spot of the template. Smart thinking in my case. We can have a conversation to best assess which is the best option for your business. While this post promotes the use of a template, there is pros and cons to both.

Interested in checking out what kind of templates are available for your needs? One of my favorite sites to browse is:

Of course, if you need help customizing your beautiful template, I can help with that!

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A Plain White Sign Background Isn’t A Rule

Fordon Front

This gal has her brand style figured out and it includes a bright dose of color! I applaud this! So often, I drive down the road and I see the same ol’ sign over and over and over… just with a different logo slapped on it.

Let me tell you the truth- there is no rule that says your sign design has to be on a white background. Contrast is a powerful way to grab attention and if your branding allows for it, you should use it to your advantage.

Jessica’s sign uses a light background with a contrasting color which is sure to catch eyes!

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Dribbble Debut Shot

dribbble, debut shot, @amiebakercreativeI’m very excited to become a part of the creative community at Dribbble. If you’ve never heard of this site before, it is a place of beauty! So many creative professionals that I admire come together on an invite-only platform to create and inspire on a level you won’t find anywhere else.

The above image is my “debut shot” and I’m looking forward to learning more and being inspired by those I’ll meet along the way.

You can find my page here:

“I Need A Logo But I Don’t Need Branding”

I’ve learned through my clients that it can be hard to understand how your website represents your brand. It can be hard to imagine how your logo expands your business. I’ll often hear that my client only needs a website but not branding, or they just need a logo and not really sure of the whole “branding” thing. Here is a little quick summary of branding if you feeling confused about it all.

What is branding?

  • Branding is not just a logo
  • Think of all the ways your customers experience your business. Email signatures, copy tone, visual representation, photography, signage, staff, clothing. Experiences and visuals work together to build a brand.
  • “Your brand is what other people say about you when you‘re not in the room.”
  • Write out the process of which your prospects go through to turn into a customer. For example, if you have a bakery they could first find your website, social media, or walking by. It is in your best interest to make sure that you have a cohesive image in all 3 of those spaces to create a firm impression of what exactly your bakery is going to serve up. The design of your posts and images, the colors of your website and food photography, the signage and even paint color followed up all the way to the cute apron the staff wears all create an impression. Make it cohesive and strong.

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Workflow: What to expect

When committing to getting rolling on a project, knowing what to expect can be such a time saver! If you’ve never worked with a designer before, here is what you can expect from start to finish. At least with me 😉


In general, this is how most projects go. If you work with a designer on many projects, this process continues to simplify as your relationship grows- saving you both time.

Sometimes projects never take off because it feels like there are too many unknowns, or it feels too hard. I promise the hardest part is sending over the right logo files for use or finalizing your logo color choices and the rest is guided to keep you moving and pushing forward with your business goals.

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Would You Tattoo Your Logo On Your Arm?


Today there was a guy at the gym who had a Nike tattoo on his bicep. Wow. At first I thought about it and couldn’t understand his logic of why he would choose that over millions of other options. Then, my marketing mind kicked in and and it is really a tribute to the power of branding. Creating a culture, creating a tribe of die hard tattoo’ing fans all for the love of your brand.
In general, we can’t expect brands to convert people in this way but we can take a moment to learn and appreciate the ground work Nike has laid upon years. Never straying from their image, staying true to their people, keep up with the waves of change and continuous engagement. That is where we must set our sights.