Branding: Not sure what to expect?
A deeper dive into my branding process

We'll start by getting to know you and your business

Together, we will outline your needs and get started with your logo design to kick off the process. If you already have a logo, we will start with designing the branding elements you've been missing.

Our logo discovery will include compiling a visual cue board, via Pinterest, of the things you love as it relates to business- be it a type font, a pattern, colors, or other logos. I'll review the board to understand the look and feel you envision. If you don't have a vision that is okay, I'll create this for you based on our discussion and industry research.


An important part of this process is to have contrasting concepts for you to review. I start with providing 3 directions for your review & our discussion on next steps.

These concepts are provided in a single color only at first. Why? It ensures your logo will scale, that it will be able to be embroidered, or screen printed in a single color, or wrapped on company vehicles and more. It ensures we are focusing on the form and structure instead of color in this phase. Once a direction is selected, we will explore colors and finalize your logo.


Brand Development

Once your logo is complete we will work together to implement your logo into a well branded collection of marketing needs for your use to grow your business and capture the eyes of your target market.

If you'll be doing this yourself, you'll receive a brand guide detailing all the needs of your new brand in order to care for it well.

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I'll shine the light on your business and help others to see you.

Design Partner

As you grow, you will find your design and marketing needs are demanding along with on-going.

I'm happy to serve as your strategic behind-the-scenes partner, helping first build your cohesive identity, logo and branding package and then working as your personal point of contact for ongoing marketing and graphic design needs.
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