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Why A Business Needs A Brand

August 8, 2020

If you're in a place where you are wondering about and exploring "branding" for your business, then there is something bigger to dig up there.

Branding is explained by many people in many different ways. In the simplest way, branding is how your business makes your target audience feel.

So why do we care so much about those feelings? Because we can become strategic and help to direct and shape HOW you want to make feel people feel through branding. Our feelings lead to our memories. The way you are making people feel is how they will remember you.

Now, once you've given them something to remember your business with, they need something to attach their feelings too. This is where the visual hierarchy comes in to play.

I can say a few different brands and in a flash (Target, Nike) you'll imagine their logo in your mind without even trying- you'll also be able to tell me a couple sentences regarding what that brand is. In the simplest way- that is what every business is striving for. If we are easily memorable and easily translated into words, we are already starting to collect the wins here. You see, NOW you've given your audience something tangible to spread, to share with friends, to become a raving fan of and to place their loyalty and trust.

It all starts with a strategic brand.

The next step is understanding if your business is ready to invest in a logo and identity system? I'll keep it simple- is your business a hobby or a long term plan? Only one of these require the branding investment.

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