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What are the best practices for sub-branding?

May 28, 2021
First, What is sub-branding?

When a main brand (Parent Brand) creates a subsidiary or secondary brand.

For example, Amazon Alexa, Toyota Camry, DoubleTree by Hilton. Sub-brands are usually created as a tool to reach a new audience. Sub-brands then build and grow relationships with that new audience.

Let's break it down.

House of brands- define your sub-brands

If you're selling different products/services under your parent company- visually contrasting brands can work to your advantage.


Beach Body as the parent company and their different products/services like Piyo, 21 Day Fix and 10 Rounds- these all look much different than their main logo and help the user in their contrast. These sub-brands set the tone for the experience and the user's expectation.

manage a branded house of brands

If you are promoting different groups and services to the same core of people to help define their place within the brand- you would want the brands to all connect and work together.


A church as the parent brand and their different small groups and ministries need sub-brands to help them define themselves while staying in line with the overall brand.

Maybe, you just realized or you are concerned you are about to have one of these- or maybe you do!?

do you have a messy brand?

A messy brand is just about as useful as a messy bedroom- especially when it has a kid trying to find that one baseball sock it needs to find. I encourage to take a moment and pull all your brand's you manage together and decide how they are working for you and your business. Positioning a sub-brands is incredibly important to their success.

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