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Small Business

Where to start with social media

August 8, 2020

I know. Social media is hard, it is intimidating, you don't have room for it on your to-do list and so on. If you're reading this it's likely because you know you need to put more effort into your social footprint for your business. I got you. The simplest way to get started is to just decide to get started. Then, you need a plan.

I recommend picking 6-9 topics that you could talk (post) about and outline it. Within this mix, don't forget to include yourself and your business product. Especially if you are service business. Don't forget to highlight your actual service and product amongst the mix. It is far easier for product based businesses to sneak that in.

Once you've got your topics, gather a collection of pictures of you, your staff, your space, your process, things alike. The more you practice snapping and getting used to documenting the easier this will become.

Finally, make a post! Just get yourself in the habit first before you start peeling back the layers of social media and all the different channels and options.

The habit is the toughest part of it all.


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