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Graphic Design

Sermon Series Design Process

November 23, 2020

Sermon Series Design: A look into the creative process

Ever struggle with making your sermon design needs flow and happen with ease? I approach sermon design needs similar to designing a campaign for small businesses and I’m sharing the details with you!

Details. Start with them every time.

You’ll want to have details ready like titles, supporting details, deadlines, and application needs before you get started with the art work.

Once creative work begins, it is created with the end uses in mind. A lot of times this will include video, digital and print needs. The way the files are build and constructed are hugely impacted by this. You may find yourself having to re-work or re-build if you don’t define this at the start.

Art Direction is defined

This is simply the look, the driving graphic that will arch over it all. If you already have some thoughts in mind, now is the time to share those. If there are no ideas for an art direction, the creative will be built according to those details you already outlined ;)

I usually start with a leading graphic to get some buy off with. For a sermon series, this is always the mark that we will translate. This mark will include colors, textures, art styles and so much more.

Layout is started, approvals are needed here.

Once I have approval on the art direction, next up is applying it to a layout. I like to pick the need from our list of deliverables that has the most going on. Typically, this would be a lobby poster as it is big enough to hold all the details. I’ll create the draft and seek approval. I never blow the art direction out across the board first. This results in unnecessary work and re-work when the art direction of the layout isn’t like, or big changes are needed.

Translate the art across the board

By now we’ve moved pretty far into our creative process and approvals for the art direction and layout have been received. This is the green light. I’m taking those things and translating them into every single thing for presentation and revisions.

Ready for use!

The best part. A complete package of creative needs delivered to you and ready for implementation and for your use!  

Rest easy until the next sermon- rinse and repeat here ;)

Questions? Let’s chat!

Sermon Series Design Process


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