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Schedule Your Priorities

August 8, 2020
Don’t leave things up to chance, leave them to choice.

These are the words carrying me into 2020.

They are actually quite powerful too. I know after all this time as a business owner that at the start of a day we all have a choice to put things into action ourselves or to wander to the action and hope we get a good view. If making resolutions or writing goals overwhelms you or makes you feel less than- I want you to only look at your business’s priorities. Then, schedule them. I promise it can be that simple. Once you see your priorities you can see what you need to be doing today and tomorrow to make progress.

For example, if you want to increase your income by 30% you likely understand you need to sell more. Before you know it, you may find yourself spinning your wheels and settling right back into where you were 2 months ago. Familiar. Comfortable. If you know your priority is that 30% you can define how you get there. Do you need to introduce a new revenue source to your business? Do you need to add a shopping cart to your website? Maybe you need to create an evergreen sales funnel? You've got to have an idea so you can stay focused and not get distracted by what is familiar.

You have to make the choice change your business.
One strategy that has worked incredible for me is the method pictured. Grab a piece of paper and divide it into 4 areas. Start with your priorities to you and your business and then run through the rest of your to-do, want to-do, need to-do, please do list that is running through your mind, your inbox, your podcasts, your house- wherever. If you remind yourself when you feel overwhelmed what your actual priorities are it will be easier to see exactly what is taking your time away from making progress. If you've tried it all, try this!

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