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Save Time On Social Media

August 8, 2020
Having these templates and elements were such a huuuuuge timesaver! It was nothing at all to throw a need together because I knew what sandbox I had to play in and where the toys were. What could have been a stressful, time-consuming experience took only a matter of minutes. It’s such a nice change. So glad we hired you!

Tyler, Firm Foundations Marketing

Once you dive into social media with your business, you'll quickly feel how involved it really is. It is so much more than simply posting a picture a day and then having the sky open up to your business. It takes planning, writing captions, using a photography style, creating graphic layouts, representing your brand and that is all before you even pop your image up to the world.

Don't let this stop you.

The reality is that social media will change your business and open you up to so many new opportunities you wouldn't have otherwise. If you haven't gotten serious with your business here, make today your day to really commit. How much is your business losing by not investing here? I'm pretty sure you've checked out your competition on the platform and wondered how they are doing it!

Figure out what the hardest part of the equation is for you and then act on a solution that will relieve your overwhelm. For example, if you find yourself tinkering around in design apps for hours trying to make a layout for a quote post, trying to pick a font, playing with different colors all to hate it in the end or feel like it doesn't even represent your brand, stop.

Develop a graphic asset folder for your brand that has several elements like textures, design graphics, colors, fonts and more that you can pull from every single time you need create something. No more playing with different colors, know your colors and use them.

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