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Is a retainer designer partnership right for my business?

August 8, 2020

I couldn't stop paying attention to people's jeans once I was acutely aware of how to fit jeans for people while working at The Gap in High School. I realized it annoyed me because I wasn't passionate about it, it was only a job. This same thing happens to me daily however, with brands I see and it never annoys me that I can't turn that off in my mind because I am passionate about design.
I will stop and obsess over a beautiful package design, a killer beer label, a postcard, and think about what made me love it to fuse that element into designs I create. I'm constantly in this mindset.

The flip side- There are times I've experienced a brand and all I can see is the opportunity they are missing.

I notice it first, then I can't stop my mind from strategizing about how and why it could be better. I've reached out to many of these businesses over the years and attempt to have them see they've missed the mark and their business growth is paying for it. Most often, I learn they have DIY'd everything and they are planning to keep that up. For them, you only know what you know.  For those businesses that are open to the perspective, I've helped them push past the glass ceiling and re-position their brand for growth. I felt like sharing this with you because I actually feel bothered when I can't get a business to see a missed opportunity and realize what that means to their business. If you feel your marketing could benefit from a fresh perspective & critique, get it in touch. Let's uncover roadblocks & move them together.


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