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Pinterest Marketing Tips

December 16, 2020

When we all started to stay home, I didn't want to look back and feel like I should have really used that time to learn more and improve my business and skills. One of things I wanted to learn much more about was Pinterest marketing- and so I did. Now, I am sharing  that with you!

I realize how overwhelming marketing can be, especially learning new platforms. I'm all for outsourcing the help, at some point a business must in order to continue growth. I also believe before outsourcing it, you should have a basic understanding of how things work. You want to understand how things are measured and the basics. So, here we are!

Prepping for pinning is important. Get the details ready so you can reference and pull from them from the get gol

Once you've got your keywords outlined, then you can figure out your visuals. You'll need a few things here but the most important is a great image. You can even use a few images and test which image will perform the best and make adjustments following the trends you discover as you go.

Now that you are ready to upload, you've got to use that upload screen to your advantage and here is how:

Pinterest is a valuable search platform and continues to grow in it's users and interaction. New features are being introduced often demonstrating the platform's commitment to stay relevant to their user's preferences. This is a platform worth your time and investment.

If you need help creating Pinterest graphics, I offer packages with sets of images that are created for optimal results on the platform and provided ready for your use. Send me an email to get started.


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