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New: Brand Kits

August 8, 2020

Businesses need flexible solutions right now in order to adapt their business to our current situation.

Business are making moves. Businesses are launching.

👉 Businesses need great branding to support this.

Not all businesses start out ready for a completely custom + strategic brand. Historically in my business, my custom brand designs have been for businesses positioned and ready for growth and a re-brand. Or, for businesses who have great experience running and launching businesses and already know the value and need for strong branding. The difference between these two is our precious resources of time & money.

I'm working on launching several brand kits. These are going to be curated collections of branding assets ready for purchase and use.

I'm also pushing myself to share as I go and as these are ready. Normally, I would detail, create and launch everything at once. Doing so also includes me falling victim to perfection over progress.

Here is a peek at what is rolling out!

**Update!** Shop is now OPEN here!

Fitness Brand Kit
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