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Brand Kits

New Brand Kit

August 8, 2020

When I chat with business owners about their business, their brand needs, their thoughts, often many ideas come to surface and we pick one and we dive deeper into one of those thoughts.

The other ideas just kind of fizzle to the side however, sometimes I can't stop thinking about them. I find myself wondering what some of those thoughts were pulled together and so I did- in a brand kit form. A new kit has just been uploaded and you can view that here.

This entire store was launched because of the circumstances we've all endured. I appreciated the extra time to implement some new offerings in my business that I've wanted to do for years and haven't been able to. Can you relate? Is branding on your list of things you've been wanting to implement and for many reasons, you haven't yet?

What is a brand kit?

A: A custom and strategic template you purchase and I customize to your business name.

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