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Logo Variations Explained

August 8, 2020

Have you been there? That frustrating spot where you are trying to make your logo fit a very specific need and it just doesn't work?

Chances are you’ve come across a tricky spot where you can’t figure out how to adapt your logo to your need. If you’ve been here, you will quickly understand the value of a logo that includes versions to be used in various ways and a range of production applications. I'll go over the functional needs you'll have from your logo system.

HORIZONTAL: This is the most common logo application and it is a great orientation for things like business cards & website headers.

Horizontal Logo Application
Horizontal Logo Applications

What happens when you force your logo to adapt? A horizontal logo is not the right use for all your needs.

VERTICAL: You’ll want to supply a logo that gets you the most visibility in the environment it is going to live. As you can see below, if you use a horizontal logo in a space better suited for a condensed variation, you'll loose a lot of the visual power.

Logo Design Fit Needs
Horizontal Logo application squeezed into a small space.


How about the range of needs the web demands of a logo?

Logo Design Web Demands
Different logo orientations demonstrating cropping issues.

WEB: The web just may have the most demands of your logo out of them all. Social profiles are usually a circle and small. You’ll see (or you’ve experienced) how different the logo needs to display here to be clear & look great. This “bug” icon of your logo will come in handy for several more uses as your business grows. It can be used a stand alone option in support of a bigger experience with your branding.

COLORS: You’ll need a variety of color applications to best apply your logo in each use as well! If you need to place your logo over an image, a white or dark version will work best. Full color is always preferred, but it isn't always the best visual choice. You want to have all these files so that you can be sure and select the best option for your brand instead of the only option you may have available.

Logo color variations
Examples of color translations.

Do you have the logo files you need to support your business's demands? If you run into issues more often than not, this is a sign you need a stronger identity system to propel your growth.

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Pinterest Pin Graphic
Pinterest Pin Graphic


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