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How To Use The Power Of Trends

August 8, 2020

Tie Dye is a fun new trend taking over. It can be used for or against your business.

I'll break it down quickly:

Pros to using a design trend:

• Use it in your art direction, NOT your logo. This means, use it as a background, in your branded colors, with your logo laid on top of it.

• Use it in a specific campaign with shelf life to avoid this from dating your business once the trend starts to saturate.

• Trends will naturally grab eyes. Trends exists because people love the specific trend and they will notice them quickly and likely admire it. This is the lure, it is a perk!

Cons of a design trend:

• Refrain from making any permanent changes to your logo. A strong logo will have timeless features and be able to adapt as trends flow.

• Trends will eventually saturate the market. Just watch out for how much tie dye you'll start to see. The trick is for a period of time, there is greatness here because people love and pay attention to trends. But! It will eventually turn noses too. "I'm so tired of seeing tie dye everywhere!" and people will start to mindlessly ignore it. You can't risk your business being mindlessly being ignored.

• If you don't have the ability to adapt a trend to your specific brand- it will dilute it. You can't throw in a rainbow color palette when you always only use a neutral color with black. It would deteriorate everything you've built in a hurry.

To sum this up, I love trends and I love using them. It holds great power and when you work with a designer who watches trends and works with them, the designer will also know when it is time to jump into the next one.

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How to balance design trends and your brand's integrity.

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