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Graphic Design

How To Repurpose Content

August 8, 2020

Having strong design in your branding is an asset because you can pull it apart for various applications without having to re-invent the wheel each time.

I'll show you what I mean.

I worked with a business who had a very specific need for a sales tool to promote a specific service, and for it to easily be provided via email. We concluded a PDF would be a great application. I walked them down the creative path of pulling this together- a new look, tightened up the copy they had been using and transformed it into a completely new application with the help of design.

I should tell you this started out as a printed Word flyer they had been using but just knew it wasn't the right solution. I started this project with the understanding and creative position that they could and should translate this PDF into other uses down the line. I created several small graphics to call attention to specific benefits of their service and overall elevated their brand with a design completely fresh to their industry.

Here is a picture of their PDF, show on the left: 

You'll quickly notice in this image that we've already translated this piece from screen to print. A postcard was also created. What else could this translate to? Social media graphics, photo overlays, website icons, a part of a larger strategy for data and application, and more. The point here is if you have a solid design foundation, you can intentionally put it to great use for your business!

This project was completed using their current logo, no logo branding changes were applied.

Creating this kind of foundation has to start with a conversation between you and your creative partner.

In this specific case, this project actually started with a long time business friend of mine who has graciously invited me to join her along her career's journey. I know what she is capable of and because of that it was great to get right to it!

We are great at meeting a direct need and often this is likely what you've received if you haven't dug into any strategic talk with your designer. I challenge you to take it a step further and discuss your next project with an intentional need that can be fully translated into something bigger- like a campaign. Don' let that word scare you off either. We might think of a campaign as a huge billboard, radio and tv commercials. That is the reality for many campaigns and corporations- however, a small business campaign is focusing on one objective and translating that into your marketing channels fluently.

What marketing pieces are you using time and time again and over time have forgotten to really see- to evaluate if they are still relevant- or to evaluate how you can use them in more way than you currently do?

repurposing your marketing content
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