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Small Business

Holiday Marketing

August 8, 2020

The holidays are a time for businesses to grow, gain a following & capture a bigger market.

Will yours?

The holiday shopping season has arrived and if you haven't prepared, you still have opportunity waiting for you!

  • You have an established brand already OR you need to create a brand to stand out and be trusted.
  • You need graphics for Instagram and Facebook posts. Are you planning on running Facebook ads? You'll need graphics that convert.
  • How about direct mail? Email Campaigns?
  • If you're shipping product, you'll need shipping inserts to influence a return shopper. Have you been putting off creating branded shipping boxes or stickers or labels? NOW is the time.
  • Is your website ready and waiting to invite shoppers? Do you have a website? Do you have product photography?
  • Do you know all the important shopping dates and are they already on your calendar?

Whatever list of needs your business is dreaming up, every business needs a marketing strategy.

How I help brands shine during the Holidays

Building Your Brand

1. You need a brand- we will walk through the branding process and launch a bright new brand for your business!
2. You have a brand already- we can discuss how we can apply your brand to bring in some holiday cheer *if* that compliments your business. Otherwise, we can outline how we can use your brand to extend its reach.

Graphic Design & Campaigns

With a growing and revolving list of needs that range from print, digital, environment, packaging, and social- I can help. I'll make sure we maintain a cohesive impression and make your business look its best!


This is one of my favorite parts of it all! I love learning about a business and seeing how we are able to streamline and connect things to meet goals. I love hearing about the wins and the struggles and deciding how to pivot. I also love bringing in friends to provide solutions you may need like a solid Copywriter, a Facebook Ads Strategist or a Web Developer!


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