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Give your business 90 days

December 11, 2020

✨You don't need a new year to start fresh. ⁣

Next year looks different already. I recommend approaching your planning  a bit differently this time around also.

I have had great success using this planner to help me map out a 90 day outlook. I've already got a fresh one for 2021!

Grab yours here

I'm leaning into this planning strategy again because I know all small businesses will need to remain flexible and open to change.

I don't want to weigh down my mind- or my mindset- in a way that will make being flexible harder. I'm encouraging you to find a spot that works well for you, your mindset and your business to make the plans that matter. Speaking of mattering, that is going to be an overarching theme for my fresh start 90 days. I think something wonderful to have come from this pandemic is stripping out all of the fluff in the day, in my business, and even in my home to really have a a clear vision for exactly what needs to happen every single day for the success of the following days. I'm going to hold on to that.

Business Systems have proven to be invaluable. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to eventually level out my business with virtual schooling. That was so challenging and I am so thankful this is only a season in life. Good is coming. It has made me really focus on valuing systems BEFORE I start chasing a wild creative idea. That has hung me up many times. I have so many ideas that they all start to compete with one another. Now that I clearly see that I can tame it.

Here are some ways I'm going to adjust my planning.⁣

I am going to focus on:⁣

-planning for the next 90 days, instead of the year⁣
-maintaining business development practices ⁣
-setting time aside in March to evaluate and plan for the next 90⁣
-creating measurable goals ⁣
-adopting a mindset from marketing to mattering⁣

I'd love to hear how you are planning for your new year, find me on Instagram and send me a message.


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