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Can you commit to 5 days?

August 8, 2020

Sometimes being honest is scary. I was recently on a call with a client who asked me what I felt contributed to a stronger branding process so she could start out prepared. I felt the answer immediately pop to mind, yet I stumbled over words trying to avoid those exact words in my mind.

Then- it kinda haunted me a while until I decided to let those words free and offer another solution.

The truthful answer is the most successful brands have been those who have a level of commitment that is focused and determined. Those who understand that days without their brand launched are also days they are missing a profit. They understand that the details gathered that support their brand direction matter and they dive in.

The pressure of a condensed timeline yields results. In this creative industry timeframes for logo creation can range from several weeks to a year. Can you afford to wait that long? The only difference is having both sides agree to focus, and to focus together.

Are you ready?

You can learn more about this offering here.

5 day branding


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