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Branding Project Feature: Monje

August 8, 2020

Branding: Monje

Who: Monje exports building supplies to the islands of the South Pacific. The business is 33 years old and has adapted from just wood products to all types of building supplies, forklifts, playground equipment, etc. Monje is built on long-term relationships and plans to expand those relationships to new clients and new markets.

Why: The current logo is too complicated and translates the business as a shipping company instead of an exporter

Logo Dreams:  Monje was drawn to the simplicity of marks like Uber and Facebook. It was important to them to have an icon in their brand that could be used as a separate and smaller mark while keeping this logo simple in color.


We started the creative process with a moodboard. In order to guide the process, we collaborated through an online project management resource that I can't love enough, Trello.

Moodboard: We worked together to currate a collection of visuals to help us get on the same page- visually speaking.

The moodboard is important because it is how we both speak visually together. You can explain a red apple to me and I'll imagine something completely different than you see it in your mind. When we pull these visual triggers, it helps us to imagine the red apple in the same way because we have this board of visuals to guide us.

Speaking visually: we could be imaging a red apple completely different. Moodboards solve this struggle.

Concepts: My favorite part! 3 unique concepts are presented. I present most commonly via a recording so you can access it at a time that works for you and because I work with people all over. I know it is important to be able to walk through concepts and highlight specific strategy and thoughts. This has proven to be effective. At this point, Monje selected their final concept direction.

Revisions: A strong, clean and simple mark was selectd by Monje. However, they really wanted to consider line width of the letters and so we did exactly that. The revision process is great for ruling out those nagging thoughts like the "what-if's" because once the branding is completed those are the thoughts I don't want popping back in your mind so we address them and finalize your logo.

An exploration of line width

Colors: With the logo finalized in a single color- we've proven that it works. I recently had a client message me about creating a neon sign for their wall and I could confidently say, "YES!" because we had followed these practices as well. If your logo works in one color, it will work in production demands and applications as well. But! We don't always need the logo to work in just a neon sign. So we explore colors and a color palette to be able to finalize a truly effective logo. A few options are also provided here with the leading colors guiding each one.

Style Guide: This is the last portion where I assign fonts, final colors, use guidelines and more. This was provided in a handy reference PDF and will be helpful to them as they begin to replace their current branding with their new direction.

Files: So many files. Monje received a folder full of logo files neatly organized and labeled. All print and digital files were included along with the various orientations and color combos.

"Amie was great to work with. She really understood the look we were going for and created something that we would’ve never been able to come up with on our own. It’s perfect for the new direction of our business and the vibe we hope to create.
-Morgan with Monje.

The start! The logo is the start of something bigger for both Monje, and I. They're able to shift their business as needed for their future and I'm able to help Monje as they navigate this change in their image and help them with their on-going print and digital design needs.


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