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Brand Pattern Design

March 4, 2021

I recently shared on Instagram a behind the scenes brand pattern design process. This is something I’m frequently designing for clients BUT hardly ever share. It occurred to me by the response of the share that I need to bring you in on the massive power patterns have for your brand.

Think of that last time you were in a new to you hotel, patterns are everywhere- wallpaper, carpet, room card, information folders, signage… the list goes on. It gives you an impression, helps create a memory. I mean, the carpet in PDX airport is even famous for its pattern! 

Having a set of patterns you can pull from makes translating your marketing needs easier. Especially if you value projecting a cohesive and professional impression.

Here are a list of ways you can use custom branded patterns in your business today:

  • Story backgrounds
  • Image frames
  • Power point backgrounds
  • Design accents
  • Social media content layouts
  • Website accents
  • Signage needs
  • Tangible branded items- like a cup for one easy example
  • I’m personally always a sucker for branded tissue paper

You can begin to see how this can really give you a leg up in your marketing needs. Especially when the textures and colors are spot on.

Need help with this? I’d love to create some custom brand patterns for you! Get in touch

Here is a look at a fun time-warp as I explored pattern options within their brand colors:

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