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Brand Feature: Station Athletics

December 22, 2020
Here is what I know- when you can align your personal interests with your work, you'll experience fulfillment.

This brand is a great example of that!

My first call with Annette laid out all the details and uniqueness that needed to be infused into this brand. In our conversation, my mind had already started swirling with visual ideas on how to pull together these things. That actually became the challenge here. I had too many ideas, too many details to play with because the strategy was so strong and her vision is so clear.

Not to worry! To help with this I relied fully on my creative process. I designed heavy concepts and began to strip those down the bare minimum to expose the strong and clear marks without any clutter. That actually is so fun to do when the process leans that way. It doesn't happen often either!

There is a lot of symbolism tied into the business strategy with trains and referencing that in the concepts was key. It served as a base for a starting point for each final concept.

Concept Logo Design
Concept Logo Design
Concept Logo Design

Each one of these are different from one another but all are capable of carrying the strategy and the needs of the business. From here, we refine until it is loved!

In this case, Anette selected the second one show with revisions to the typography lock-up inside the circle:

Final logo design after revisions

Now that the logo direction is solid, the next step is organizing and selecting the supporting aesthetics. This is also known as a Style Guide. Detailing fonts, colors, and supporting graphic styles is a necessary step to aiding a business is projecting a cohesive and strong image.

brand style guide

It is also important to explore the application so I always provide mock-ups during our process as well. Here is a look at a few of them: 

brand design application
branding design logo application
logo wear apparel design

Setting our business up for success from the start saves you time and money along with shortening the runway needed to get you to your actual goals. Knowing you have a logo that will be able to carry your business is important as you expand your marketing efforts to new channels and opportunities. Remember that your logo alone isn't' your brand. You need to tie everything together and you can use the logo as your compass to make sure it is all reflecting the same visual traits.

client testimonial for Brightly Branded
And some kind words from this strong business owner.

When you are a launching your business, it is heavy on the upfront costs to get everything set up and rolling. Picking and choosing what things to DIY and what things to hire experts on is a strategical choice when funds are limited. Choosing the things that you can expand upon and use to bootstrap other smaller tasks has worked out very well for many of my start-up clients. I always recommend having a solid brand and website in order to jump through the hoops of making your audience trust you. From there, using the foundation to fill in gaps works very well!

I'd love to talk with you about your branding needs. Set up a consult here.

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