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Brand Feature: Artistry By Louise

October 6, 2020

Before a brand ever starts, a vision is crafted. With this brand, it was so fun and easy because this gal is full of passion and her words are as beautiful as her work. I found myself wondering how my work could meet her beautiful vision- I know as a creative if I'm not able to quickly see a vision the only way to get there is through conversation and pulling out details until I can hardly hold myself back from designing before ideas just burst.

This is achieved through my branding process. Together, we walk through very specific details that will align your business, ideas, and your target market to the perfect brand for you! ⁣

Project Management: Every step outlined so you always know where you are in the branding process.

3 Concepts are provided that each are reflective of our mood board and our vision we crafted in our strategy call. Each concept is in black and white only to ensure we are focused on the form and not colors quite yet.

Once we have a solid concept direction, we move into making all the adjustments to make it absolutely perfect along with explore color.

Even in this moment, there is room for flushing out all visual thoughts to be sure. The colors of this brand had a very specific influence but that also meant that it had a large range of options within that very niche spot. We spent quite a bit of time really developing this portion of the brand. It was worth it, such gorgeous colors!

Every brand is wrapped up with building out it's style guide. This is meant for the business to use moving forward as they implement their brand to give them guidelines to project a cohesive brand. Keeps the brand in it's lane and away from all the trendy influences that would dilute it.

Once you get into applying it, it will also make it easier for you to manage! Here are business cards that were designed after the guide was developed: 

Here is another example of how this falls into place easily:

In need of branding to launch your business in a away that appeals and attracts your target market? Let's chat!

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