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4 Signs Of A Strong Brand

August 8, 2020
You know what is huge? Credibility.

I had to explain credibility to my son when he was recently Googl'ing AKA “searching it up” on my phone for some information. I was trying to explain to him to read things on a credible site and not from all the hooks for traffic. It was a harder concept to explain to him than I would have guessed and it landed right back to branding and the value we can all place on brands and people we know vs. those we don't.

You want to be the place your people trust *when* they are in need, and when they are active. This is a huge task of your brand.

4 things that strengthen brands:

1 CLEAR: You have a clear message and your target market understands what you do and what you offer.

2 DISTINCT: You know what sets you apart and why your people care about it. Distinction is in your strategy. You show it off!

3 RELEVANT: You are speaking to your people and they want to listen. You highlight their current situation & their struggles to reveal your solution.

4 CONSISTENT: You are top of mind in your market because you show up. You have built credibility through your consistent marketing strategy.

Evaluate your brand and how you project your business to your audience. If you need help, I offer brand consults for this very need.

4 Signs Of A Strong Brand


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