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Graphic Design

3 Ways to Partner

August 8, 2020

Creative businesses also get creative on how they partner to meet your needs! If you've found yourself thinking about hiring a designer, here are some ways you can!

Per Project

You've got your project and you're ready to roll but need it to be executed and designed beautifully.

Pulling together a project quote requires project specific details  to create a proposal that will accurately represent your deliverables & needs.

This is a great way to:

  • Manage your marketing budget
  • Fulfill a specific need
  • Complete an overflow of design needs


These are super valuable if your business has on-going creative needs that need to  represent your brand and support your business growth. Common deliverables within a retainer are campaign design needs, social media graphics, event design and sales tools.

This is also a great match for you if you don't often get a large lead time on your project needs to coordinate and get on a designer's schedule with a one-off request. A few more perks:

  • Priority scheduling
  • A dedicated creative gets to know your business and your brand to help translate it fluently and efficiently
  • Budget- a set monthly fee in exchange for a set amount of hours

Package Solutions

You may find you have a group of needs for your business. For those needs, it is ideal for you get a group of needs done at one time. When I'm branding a business, most times, there are few extra things their specific business will need and we'll tackle those right away. It helps when our creative communication is fresh, the process is flowing and objectives are super clear. It ends up saving the business a lot of time while having a broader foundation to lean into.

Now that you have a few ideas on different ways you can partner with a creative, decide which is best for you & reach out.

how to partner with a designer


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