Do you struggle with picking a color for your marketing needs?

Do you pick your favorite color or do you pick from your branding color palette? Maybe you don't even give it much thought.

This is WHY style guides are so valuable. These are directions that include colors, fonts, icons, logos & copy tone at the least. A style guide holds your marketing accountable at the core.


• You chose copy and images based on what you had time for yesterday for a project that was needed last week.

• If you lay 5 of your marketing items out together on screen or a table, they will likely look different.

• You lack consistency in what you send out.

• You feel bored with your marketing so you start changing things for your own satisfaction. Again, reminding you how important even a single color is to Target's brand and how I assume their marketing staff is fairly tired of it and loves it regardless.The point here is that every brand needs to be held accountable and a style guide makes that so much easier. You can send it to vendors that you use, you can send it to marketing partners and more. 

If this would be most helpful in your business, let's make it happen for you!