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Greater Portland Bible Church

Branding Process

I rely on my signature branding process to design logos that translate your brand to your business as well as your target market.
Through my visual strategy process, we will outline your needs and get started with your logo design to kick off the process.

Our discovery will include compiling a visual cue board, via Pinterest, of the things you love as it relates to business- I'll provide you with specific categories for specific pins. I'll review the board to understand the look and feel you love. Don't worry, if you don't have a vision that is okay, I'll create this for you based on our discussion and industry research. This will become a guide as move forward to help guide art direction.


When it is time to start created logo designs, I provide 3 contrasting designs that will align with our detailed direction and strategy.

I always start in black and white to demonstrate to you that each logo concept will work in a functional way for any way you need to use it. Once a direction is determined we will revise & finalize before implementing colors.


Moving into color and application, I'll create a color series and how it applies to your final logo direction and selection to create a final theme.


Once our process is completed, I want to be sure you have a guide to help you manage your new brand and keep it cohesive as you begin to implement it. I will create a brand style guide for you that will pull all these details into one PDF to reference and distribute as needed. Your colors, brand fonts, photography & pattern influences, and logo file guide key are all included!


Once your logo is complete, I'd love to continue to partner and help implement your logo into a well branded collection of marketing collateral to grow your business and capture the eyes of your target market.

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