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Greater Portland Bible Church

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"She saw something that we have never really seen in all the processing and months of looking at new logo."

This logo design process was unlike any other because of the amount of history that came along with it. For years, Greater Portland Bible Church has been trying to re-design their logo and they were unable to find any logo or designer that brought them to a decision to change.
They were honest with me about this before we started the process.
I took some time to explain my branding process (more hereand felt strongly it would lead us to a new logo for them as well. They agreed and we got to work!

Typically, in my process I like to provide 3 contrasting samples that align heavily with the visual direction we have pulled together. However, after all the discussion over their brand and especially understanding their "why" to rebrand, I had another idea that I couldn't put to rest so instead, I gave them a bonus concept. Guess what? The bonus was the winning concept! Honestly, I was thrilled. I secretly was rooting for it. I usually always have a favorite upon submission but I try very hard not to give it away so I don't end up unintentionally steering opinions.

I took them down a path of the meaning I drew from the concept as it relates to their reason for their rebrand. It was completely different from their entire brand history which has always been historically rooted in their physical Portland, OR location. Now, their new logo uses a concept focused on the word, "greater" as in- how we are greater as people with God and not as in their physical location in the greater Portland region.

I'm based in the Seattle, WA area however, I had planned a work trip to Portland and let these guys know I'd be in the area and asked to come by to meet them in real life. We work remotely together. It just so happened to be the exact weekend they were unveiling their new brand! I have an audio clip of their Pastor, Jay, explaining in his words his interpretation of this concept and what it means to them. I could never put it in words better.

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